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Questions On Your Mind

How do I measure my dog?

Mewmew Brand's Pet Collection use the method of measuring from the nape of your furbabies neck to the tail bone.  That is the estimate length of the back.  Refer to the Sizing Chart included in the photos of doggy apparel.

Are you approved to carry the "Made in Australia" logo?

Yes, we are approved to carry the Made in Australia logo for the Doggy Clothing and Accessories and a selection of our Human Clothing and Accessories. Handmade right here at Mewmew Brand Head Office.

Designed and made by Mewmew Brand, making our collection extra unique.

Do you out-source or source your products from overseas?

Why do I have to pre-order? What is a pre-order?

Sometimes we will release a collection on a pre-order basis. When this happens, there will be a closing date for when you can place your order. Then allow up to 4 weeks from placing your order to you receiving your purchase.


We also release our collections with a set number of pieces, however, if we have more fabric, we take orders is on a pre-order basis.

It is worth noting that we have a wonderful sewing lady who assists us with our pre-orders and backorders especially when we are busy prepping for an event, or working on our next collections.

Will you attend events in NZ or outside NSW?

We are looking at attending events in NZ in the coming future as well as interstate ie. VIC, QLD. However, it is great to check out the "Upcoming Events" tab as this will have all information of events Mewmew Brand will attend.

What does 'out of stock' mean? Does it mean you will re-stock? 


No, out of stock means it is completely sold out and no more stock left. 

Due to our pieces being handmade plus Mewmew Brand being approved to carry the Made in Australia logo, it is important to us that we source everything within Australia, supporting fellow Australian and Polynesian businesses.

Being the only Polynesian Pet Brand catering for the fur-kids and their fur-parents, we pride ourselves in being unique.

We want to bring unique collections to the table, meaning our collections are all Limited Edition. Therefore, once pieces are sold out, it's gone...forever.

HOWEVER, if we receive a large number of "back in stock requests"  we do look at having that particular piece re-released and perhaps even becoming a core range.

We do hope you understand xx

General Shipping & Return information  

Click here Our Policies to take you to the shipping & return information.


Do you have a pet sizing chart on how to measure our pet for the apparel? 

Yes, there is a measure chart on every image for the pet clothing. It shows you how to measure your pet for the best fit. Please take time to read the sizing information and look at the sizing chart, by not doing so, you run a risk of your fur-baby not fitting their Mewmew Brand apparel.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on any of our social platforms or via the chat line.


No, any products that are not made by Mewmew Brand ie. First Aid Kits or pet treats  are sourced in Australia supporting other small businesses.

Do you stock your products elsewhere?

Yes! you can check out our stockists by clicking here or click on the "Contact" tab.

Do you wholesale?

Unfortunately, no, due to the nature of our products (being handmade in small quantities) we do not wholesale, however, we are happy to work out something with you if you are interested in having our pieces in your e-commerce store or shopfront, please email

Why should we subscribe and become part of the Twinning is Winning Squad?

We are the only Polynesian Pet Brand to date who cater for our Polynesian Fur-babies, with our beautiful Polynesian prints and designs, We  only have limited stock and limited sizing,

As a subscriber, you will get first dibs on all our collections as our subscribers get notified first before it is released to the public. As a subscriber you will also get perks such as gift with purchase, discounts and much more!


What happens if something is out of stock?

Click on the product you want, on the bottom right hand corner below "out of stock" there is a button that says "notify me". Click on this and enter your email address. This lets us know to send you a quick email when the product is back in stock again.

What payment options do you offer?

We know times are tough right now therefore we are offering Laybuy offline (yey!). If you are interested in Mewmew Brand Laybuy option, please choose the "manual payment" when you place your order, and we shall send you a payment plan that is right for you! :)

In the interim, we are currently accepting the following payment option PayID, direct deposit (EFT), visa, credit card, paypal and Klarna..

Do you attend Dog/Pet Events?

We no longer attend Dog/Pet Events, However, it is always good to click  on "Upcoming Events" for any events we will attending. 

Do you attend any Events?

Yes, the three main events we attend in Sydney, Australia are

Samoa Day, Fiji Day & Tonga Day (all of which are held at Cathy Freeman Park, Homebush NSW) it is always good to click  on "Upcoming Events" for any events Mewmew Brand will attend. 

Do you have sales or clearance stock?

As a matter of fact we do! click here clearance for all stock that is on clearance are either sample or old collections.. This stock is sold at a significantly reduced price. 

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