Questions On Your Mind

How do I measure my dog?

Mewmew Brand's Pet Collection use the method of measuring from the nape of your furbabies neck to the tail bone.  That is the estimate length of the back.  

Why do I have to pre-order?

Due to being a small business, we do not stock a large quantity of our products.

Fur-baby Collection

This needs to be pre-ordered, as our seamstress sews this to order.

Fur-family Collection 

Once an order is put through, we then order it from our local businesses.

Limited Edition Collection

Whatever we have made for the Limited Edition Collection is what is available for our customers, this is not on a pre-order basis.  Once sold out, it is sold out.

Why should I subscribe and become a VIP member?

Do you source your products from overseas?

No, we are proud to advise that we do not source from overseas.  Our Collections are sourced in Australia supporting other small businesses.


We order our tee's from a local businesses.

Printing & Embroidery

Our printing and embroidery are done locally. 

Fur-baby Apparel 

Our doggy apparel is sewn to order by a lovely local seamstress. Designed by Mewmew Brand, made in Australia for Australian Fur-babies.

Limited Edition Collection

Our Limited Edition Collection is designed by Mewmew Brand and sewn by our lovely seamstress, making our collection that extra unique.

Because we do not want you to miss out on any of the Limited Edition Collection OR sales OR any member only drops OR any fun clothing or accessories!

Our stock is limited so there will not be a large quantity of our collection.