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Friendly Faces & Furry Faces



Full-time Model 

Quality Control Assistant

Adopted in January 2015, Coco is the older twin of Superman. She loves wiggles on the grass and playing fetch, but her first love is taking the front seat of the car.

Mewmew Brand.jpg


Full-time Model 

Quality Control Manager

Adopted along with his twin sister Coco in January 2015. Superman is the youngest of the furkids. He loves swimming and eating watermelon followed closely with being brutally honest on his vlogs on Tiktok!

Mewmew brand_edited.jpg


Part-time Model


Comfort Controller 

Rescued and adopted in February 2008, Mewmew is who the brand is named after and the oldest of the furkids. She dislikes most things except for laying out on the deck basking in the sun. 

Mewmew Brand.jpg


Full-time Model 


Backup Model for Doggy Apparel

Adopted in September 2010, Matilda had a rough start to her fur-life. Now she enjoys basking in the sun, night snuggles being the third wheel to her doggy siblings (Coco & Superman) 

MB Small - Colour JPEG.jpg
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